Running a Url TestΒΆ

A management command is included that uses the test client to hit a list of urls in sequence, allowing them to be logged to the database. To use it, first create a list of urls with a new url on each line. Lines beginning with # are ignored.

# Main urls
# Comments

Then, enable logging and run the log_urls management command:

$ python log_urls myapp/my_urls.txt

Unless it is run with a verbosity of 0 the command will output status messages, such as urls that return codes other than 200 and urls that raise errors.

To run the test as an authenticated user, use the username and password options:

$ python log_urls my_urls.txt --username Legen --password dary

You can also add a name and a description to your run, if you’d like:

$ python log_urls my_urls.txt --name "Admin Urls" --description "Urls used by site admins"

If you’d like to conduct a test run with a tool other than the log_urls management command, you can use the command to manually start and end TestRun objects, so that your results will be organized correctly in the UI. Before you conduct your test, simply run:

$ python log_urls --manual-start

Then, when you are finished hitting your desired urls:

$ python log_urls --manual-end